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Saddle Trial Policies

For our local shoppers, trials are easy!


 Simply come in and select a few saddles to try on your horse. We will have you fill out a credit card authorization form, and a "break it, you buy it" form. You will have three business days to decide if the saddle is a good fit for you and your horse.

Saddle trials are 3 business days long, If the trial extends over the days that we are closed (Monday and Tuesday), those days will not counted towards the three day trial. If you can not return the saddle within the trial period, you must inform Behind the Barn  as soon as possible to try to work out an extension. There is no guarantee that we will be able to grant an extension.

The buyer understands that the staff at Behind the Barn Consignment -Tack & Supply-  are not certified saddle fitters. Behind the Barn Consignment -Tack & Supply-  is unable to guarantee that a saddle taken on trial will fit the buyer's horse. Behind the barn -Tack & Supply- will do their best to guide the buyer in selection of a saddle. However, it is up to the buyer to determine if the saddle correctly fits the horse and rider. The buyer is strongly encouraged to work with a trainer and/or a certified saddle fitter.

Behind the Barn Consignment -Tack & Supplies-


The professionals at Behind the Barn Consignment -Tack & Supply- recognize your need to try the particular saddle you have chosen. We ask that you agree to the following when taking a saddle for trial:

You will have a 3 day trial period to evaluate the fit of the saddle. If you are not satisfied with the fit of the saddle, you must contact the store On Day 4!! and bring the saddle back,  or it is considered sold.

Please follow these directions during the saddle trial:

-You may girth the saddle and ride.

-Ensure that the billet guards, if any, cover the girth buckles.

-Please do not oil or clean the saddle while on trial.

-Keep the saddle covered and protected at all times. Please do not leave it in the barn or your vehicle.

-Saddles returned with excessive wear are subject to usage surcharges. Excessive wear includes, but is not limited to rubs on the flaps, scratches in the leather, dings or cuts in the pommel or cantle.

-Any saddle returned with excessive wear as determined by the management will automatically be assessed a minimum surcharge of 10% of the saddle value. Decision of the management is final.

-All consignment saddles taken on trial must be paid for in full by credit card or check. Saddles returned that have met the above criteria will be credited in full by the original method of payment. In the case of a saddle purchased with a check, ten business days must elapse before a refund check can be issued.

Please provide the information requested below and e-mail to Be sure to keep a copy for your records.

Name _________________________________________

Phone Number (home)___________________________ (Work) _______________________________

(cell) ___________________________________


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